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Immigration Law

EB-5 Immigrant Investor Based Immigration
EB-5 投资为基础的移民

Immigrant investor based immigration, also known as EB-5s, allows admission of immigrant investors as lawful permanent residents. Potential immigrants are those who invest at least $1 million in a new commercial enterprise employing at least 10 full-time U.S. workers. Immigrants who invest in a targeted employment area (TEA) or a qualified and approved Regional Center are only required to invest $500,000. Immigrants must show that they created at least 10 jobs within two years of an approved I-526 application.

Approximately 10,000 visas are allocated to EB-5 investors per year.

以投资为 基础的移民被大家熟称为EB-5, 这类移民申请允许投资者通过投资进而成为美国的永久居民。希望申请此类移民的人员为在美国投资一百万美金进行新建商业并且在美国创造了至少十个全职的就业 岗位。对于经济特区(TEA)或者一个经由政府审批的经济区域中心进行投资的申请者仅需投资五十万美金。投资者必须显示自己的投资项目在I-526被移民 局批准之后的两年之内已经创造了至少十个就业岗位。每年投资移民的配额大概有一万个。

E-2 Treaty Investor
E-2 缔约投资人 

An E-2 investment is an investor placing capital at risk with the objective of generating a profit. The investment may be starting a new business, or purchasing a pre-existing business. In both cases, the capital invested must be substantial. 


Immigration for workers and investorsH-1B Work Visa

An H-1B visa is a work visa used by aliens who will be employed temporarily in a specialty occupation.  Specialty occupations are occupations that require highly specialized knowledge and usually, at least a bachelor's degree. Sought after specialty occupations include engineering, information technology, mathematics, medicine, and physical sciences.