Nichelle Nichols, Jerry Lewis, and Spy Gate


1Star Trek Starlet v Klingon Progeny – Nichelle Nichols’ son Klingy Kyle wants to have Mom declared mentally unfit, but Lieutenant Uhura’s agent says Star Trek Beauty made him promise that she would not have ever go to a nursing home. The $10 million feud between the busy movie making Starlet and her, klingy, broke, money grubbing son Kyle, who wants to kick her out of her home and sell for cash, has been raging on for a decade.

2Jerry Lewis’ Sons Left Out in Cold – The Nutty Professor did not leave a dime to his sons and instead left his fortune to his second wife SanDee their adopted daughter Danielle. SanDee is now selling iconic items from the Nutty set and the sons are heartsick. The signature on the will leaving Jerry’s sons out of the money has been disputed.

3Spy Gate – Foreign Espionage agents suspects spying on the Trump Campaign include H.R McMaster, Jared Kushner and the disappeared Stefan Halper. Following the money poured into the Deep State FBI and CIA, suggests Halper being run by the Russians, Israelis or Saudis. Kushner, an Israeli citizen, who just took a $1.4 billion bribe from Qatar to pay off his 666 Fifth Ave. blunder maybe run by the Israelis, as may McMaster, a long time Deep Stater.

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